Building Self Esteem

  • Have your child make a “book” about themselves, with their own illustrations and wording.  “A Book About Me” is a great way to help your child see herself as “somebody.”
  • Help your child discover their roots by talking with family members during holidays and other visits.
  • Constantly look for ways to tell your children what you like about them, that you love them.  There is no age limit on this. “When I do something well, no one ever remembers.  When I do something wrong, no one ever forgets.”  Those words were written by a high school dropout.
  • Let kids overhear you praising them to others.
  • Try “King/Queen for a Day” for good report cards.
  • Help kids learn from problems, not be devastated by them.  Many parents don’t ever use the word “failure.”  They may talk about a “glitch,” a “problem,” or a “snag.”  But even when something doesn’t work out as they’d planned, successful people try to learn something from the experience.

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