Building Responsibility

  • Try a simple cardboard box to help make your child responsible for school belongings.  Have your child choose a place for the box—near the door or in his room.  Every afternoon, his first task should be to place all belongings in the box.  When homework is finished, it goes in the box, too.  In the morning, the box is the last stop before heading out the door.
  • Help children understand, and take responsibility for, the consequences of their choices.  “I chose to do my homework.  The result was that I got an ‘A’ on my math test.”  “I chose to get up 15 minutes late.  The result was that I missed breakfast . . . and nearly missed the bus.”
  • Try giving your child the responsibility of growing a small garden—even in just a flowerpot.  The positive and negative results of carrying out your responsibilities are very clear.
  • One reader found a way to keep children moving in the morning:  After her daughter wakes up, Mom begins to play her favorite record album.  Her daughter has until the side plays through to get herself dressed for school.

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