Reinforcing Learning

  • Encourage kids to collect things.  Whether they collect rocks, shells, leaves, or bugs is not important.  But by collecting, children are learning new ways to make sense out of their world.
  • Estimating is an important math skill.  We estimate how much our groceries will cost.  We estimate how much time we’ll need to complete a project at work.  You can help your child learn to estimate at home.  Here’s one idea:  As you’re driving, estimate the distance to your destination.  Then estimate how much time it will take to get there.  Use the odometer or a map to check your work.
  • Talk about geography in terms children can understand:  Go through your house and talk about where things came from.  A calculator may have come from Taiwan.  A box of cereal may have a Battle Creek, Michigan address, or White Plains, New York.  Talk about where the wheat for your bread came from.  Where was the cotton for your blue jeans grown?  Tell your children where your ancestors came from.  Find the places on a map.
  • Show your child that writing is useful.  Have them help you write a letter ordering something, asking a question, etc.  Then show them the results of your letter.

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