• Try playing “Beat the Clock” with your child during homework time.  Look over the assignment and figure out about how long it should take to complete it.  Allow a little extra time and set a timer for that many minutes.  No prizes are needed.  There is great satisfaction in getting the work done on time.
  • Teach your child to use the formula “SQ3R” when doing any homework assignment.  The letters stand for a proven five-step pro­cess that makes study time more efficient and effective: Survey, Question, Read, Restate, Review.
  • Here are five tips to make homework time easier—for you and your child:  1. Have a regular place for your child to do homework.  Use a desk or table in a quiet room.  Be sure there’s plenty of light.  2. Find a regular time for homework.  You may want to make a rule, “No television until homework is finished.”  3. During homework time, turn off the TV and radio.  4. Help your child plan how she’ll use her time.  5. Set a good example.  While your child is doing homework, spend some time reading or working yourself.  Then when homework is done, you can both talk about how much you’ve accomplished.
  • Nitty gritty homework tips:  Do the most difficult homework first.  Save “easy” subjects for when you’re tired.  Do the most important assignments first.  If time runs short, the priorities will be finished.  Do what’s required first.  Finish the optional assignments later—even if they’re more fun.
  • Look over your child’s homework everyday.  Start at an early age and keep it up as long as you can.  Praise good work.  Your interest will encourage good work.
  • Try having your child teach you the homework.  The teacher always learns more than the student.

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