Homeless Information for Families


 McKinney-Vento Program Assistance

Who Qualifies?

  • Children and youth sharing housing due to economic hardship, loss of housing or similar reason
  • Children and youth living in motels, hotels, due to lack of alternative accommodations;
  • Children and youth living in emergency or transitional shelters;
  • Children and youth living in foster care placement;
  • Children and youth living in places that are not regular sleeping accomodations for people such as public places, cars, parks, abandoned buildings, substandard housing, bus or tran stations or similar setting.
  • Children and youth not residing with their legal parent or guardian
  • Runaway youth
Services Available:

Assistance with the following:

  • Enrollment
  • Transportation
  • Attendance
  • School Selection
  • Educational Resources
  • Community Resources

For more information contact:

  • State McKinney Vento Coordinator:  Jonathan Bolding (615) 770-1793
  • District  Homeless Coordinator:  Sarah Akard (423) 354-1000
  • District Homeless Liaison:  Melissa Kassem (423) 354-1000
  • Family Advocate:  Misty Dockery Petrovic (423) 354-1000
  • Family Advocate:  Linda Holden (423) 354-1115



Rights of Students (English)



Rights of Students (Spanish)



Parent Brochure (English)



Parent Brochure (Spanish)